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[Jmagick] Bug with Animated GIFs and ImageToBlob

From:Michael Kaye [michael@masked-domain]
Sent on:Mon, 23 Apr 2007 11:57:34 +0100
Hi All,

I'm not sure if any of you follow the ImageMagick forums, but I've found
an interesting change in API between the 6.0.x and 6.2.x versions of
imagemagick, which affects the Java API:

In summary: They've added a new method since 6.0.x, called ImagesToBlob.
This method will encode all the frames of an image within a MagickImage
to a blob. The existing method: ImageToBlob will not, it only encodes
the first frame.

This means that if you are resizing a animated GIF in memory (see the
sample code attached to that thread) then only the first frame will come
out of the request. It does /not/ affect users writing to files using
the jmagick API.

I'm currently trying to work out if the best way around this is to use
ImagesToBlob everywhere, or patch ImageMagick to restore the original
behaviour of ImageToBlob.

I'll also note that there's a bugfix for the ImagesToBlob method in the
latest 6.3.x series, which I think would need to be the version we
compile against if we're to take advantage of this update. I'm not sure
how much of a change that would require to the rest of the jmagick API,
and if we want to see if they'll release a bugfix to the 6.2.x branch

I'm working on this right now (we need to upgrade to 6.2 for performance
reasons -- did you know it's twice as fast :) so if anyone would like to
add any comments, I'd prefer to put any changes directly into the
jmagick source, not a local patchfile.


Michael Kaye
Senior Software Developer
MX Telecom
Tel: 0845 6667778
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