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Re: GUI interface controls and swing.

From:Rob [user@masked-domain]
Sent on:Tue, 23 Jan 2007 00:07:40 +1100
In reply to:<>
Paul Nichols [TeamB] wrote:
> Rob wrote:
>> Lori M Olson [TeamB] wrote:
>>> Rob wrote:
>> What I would like to understand is that option buttons, text boxes
>> have been available since Jbuilder 2 - how did anybody use them ?
> Like Lori stated, you will have to learn to use Layout managers. Either
> that or use the newer Matisse GUI Layout. It is not available in JB
> 2-2006. I am not sure whether 2007 has it or not (I do not have my copy
> yet). Tools that do have it include NetBeans 5.5 and myEclipse.

Or you could use the JPanel and change the layout property to XY Layout.
> Matisse allows you to do Drag and Drog GUIs that automate the Layout
> Manager positions for you. This means it works more like the RAD tools
> for Windows, Delphi, BCB, Visual Basic.
> Using JB 2006, you will need to learn what layout managers are and how
> to use them. JB is not Delphi

JB and Delphi have one thing in common - They are both dying.

> and Java is not Delphi! :)

No shit Sherlock
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