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Re: New life for Swing

From:Doychin Bondzhev [doychin@masked-domain]
Sent on:Sun, 31 Dec 2006 09:07:30 +0200
In reply to:<>
Some of these "fixes" contain base Swing classes which refer to specific 
for 1.5 com.sun.* classes or properties. Because of that when starting
JBuilder there is lots of NoSuchClass exceptions.


Lori M Olson [TeamB] wrote:
> Paul Nichols [TeamB] wrote:
>> Doychin Bondzhev wrote:
>>> I managed to pass these errors by moving all FIX JARS provided with
>>> JBuilder.
>>> Open JBuilder.config file. There is a set of addbootpath lines where
>>> fix jars are provided for different pars of the JDK.
>>> Of course there is many other error messages displayed in the console
>>> but at least IDE becomes visible.
>> So you moved all of these to the location of the new jdk?
> I think he means to remove/move from from JBuilder. A lot of those
> "fix" jars are specific bug fixes for the JDK itself. It makes sense to
> remove them when updating your JDK. Maybe just remove one at a time,
> and see what happens for each one.
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