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15/Sep/2006 - New chapter of Hands-On Swing - Interacting with users

09/Oct/2006 - New chapter on PageLayout, a Layout Manager - Building Screen Elements

About this site

SwingWiki is an online comunity portal for Java Swing developers. This site contains best practices, workarounds for common errors and Swing quirks, tutorials and instructions for common tasks and other general tips. Start by looking at the table of contents, where you will find a list of all items.

SwingWiki also hosts a step-by-step introductory guidance book for beginner Java Swing developers: Hands-on Swing programming.

The nature of most of this site is experimental - many tricks work because of undocumented features, some are workarounds for bugs that may be fixed in a newer version of Swing, and there are possibly better ways to do something. If you find a feature that is missing, outdated, fixed or you know a better way to make something work, please contribute.

To add new pages, edit the table of contents, and add a reference to the new page. Once you save the page, a red link will appear - click on it and you will be given an option to create the non-existing page. For example, to add a page “Nail the parrot to the perch”1) to the best practices section, add the reference to best:Nail the parrot to the perch in the table of contents, save that page, then click on a new link and then, when the “non-existing page” error is displayed, click on Create this page button.

This is an open documentation project and you can use the contents of this site any way you like. Also, you are all invited to help. To prevent spammers from ruining this site, please register (use Login button) and you will be given all privileges to add and change pages.




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